Italy and France:
a research of the sense of contemporaneity

8 july – 24 september, 2016 / ATRI


Stills of Peace and Everyday Life – Edition III

The third edition of the Stills of Peace project offers for this year a truly rich and articulated experience of contemporary creativity: the meeting with French culture takes place thanks to the international exhibition Dehors in the Crypt of the Cathedral and to the exhibition Cinefrance. This year the project is enriched by a new exhibition entitled Clarté, in the venue of the Stables of Palazzo Acquaviva, and a Contemporary Marathon, identified by the acronym “Ma.co.”, a program of meetings and debates on art, cinema and photography related to the theme of the “fragments of peace”, which every individual needs to carve out in his daily life.

Each year Stills compares different ways of living art, proposing in meetings and exhibitions artists that differ in generational sensitivity and cultural formation: and diversities are exactly what make us understand the specificities, and what can help the audience explore more clearly the intricate voices and images of current artistic research.


MUSEO CAPITOLARE (Cripta della Cattedrale) – ATRI


Curated by Claudio Libero Pisano

Dehors narrates the relationships between the outer space and the closed areas difficult to access. Through the works, the artists bring portions of the world to a secluded place, and put all that is external and illuminated in the middle. In a circumscribed environment with no external outlet, we figure out what happens outside, with natural methods and rules, evoking the function of the ancient cisterns over the centuries. 

With Dehors the place itself is relocated outside its walls, through materials and compositions that interpret it according to different priorities, established in the relationship between inside and outside.

Featured artists: Ziad Antar; Bertille Bak; Adelaide Cioni; Lionel Esteve; Matteo Fato; Myriam Laplante; Lek&Sowat; Luana Perilli; Paride Petrei; Gioacchino Pontrelli; Raphael Thierry; Enrico Tealdi.



Curated by Antonio Zimarino and Mariano Cipollini

The exhibition, housed in the stables of Palazzo Acquaviva, focuses on the languages of performance, video art and installations. The selected works express different cultural themes, linked to the generational differences between the selected artists that the venue has managed to harmonize, welcoming the design ideas.

The artists are aware of how and how much art, with irony, intelligence and with great attention to the aesthetic suggestion, is able to take us out of the usual and push us to imagine something else, revealing at the same time many limits of the current stereotypical positions. Formal experimentation is not spectacle, but it always contains a telos, an aim: to give back what is intuited, suggesting definitions or proposals of sensible ideas about being in the world.

Featured artists: Linda Carrara, Sabrina D’Alessandro, Brunella Fratini, Miranda Gibilisco, Francesco Impellizzeri, Minus.log, Marco Rapattoni, Alessandro Rosa, Massimo Ruiu, Guido Silveri.


Chiostro della Cattedrale / Teatro Comunale – Atri

Ciné France – Review of French cinema

Movies screened in original version with Italian subtitles
Curated by Pino Bruni

THE CLASSROOM (2008) – by Laurent Cantet
The teaching days of a professor of French in a multi-ethnic Parisian school, struggling with educational problems but especially with the different characters of pupils, of various ethnic groups. An exceptionally spontaneous film, which highlights some crucial points of today’s teaching, especially in France, taking into account the different needs of different cultures but with the effort to ensure a healthy integration. Palme d’Or in Cannes.

WELCOME (2009) – by Philippe Lioret
A swimming instructor, also to redeem himself by impressing his ex-wife active in charity, takes care of an illegal fugitive from Iraq who wants to learn to swim no matter what, to meet his girlfriend in London. Inspired by a true fact, a film of a great human temperament whose sense of solidarity, even at the risk of being unpopular, goes beyond the harsh laws that weigh on the fate of those who flee from impossible lands.

THE WAR IS DECLARED (2011) – by Valérie Donzelli
In this case, the war is against a dark evil that takes possession of a child, the son of a couple who, to save him, will radically change life without giving up optimism, in order to exorcise a tragedy that may be spared. Atypical film that moves between melodrama and farce because of the character never home of the enthralling protagonists, who never let themselves be annihilated by the events, for an invincible desire to live that spreads even outside the screen.

L’ESQUIVE (2003) – by Abdellatif Kechiche
An Arab-born Parisian boy with his father in prison falls in love with a girl engaged in a school play, and does everything to participate in the play, but it’s not easy. Incisive description of the Franco-Arab banlieu made by showing the clash between two cultures using a acting of exceptional spontaneity.

THE PROPHET (2009) – by Jacques Audiard
The story of a 19-year-old man of Maghreb origins, integrated into French society, who in prison learns the rules within it, recognizing the links between racial pride, ideological belonging and the struggle for supremacy, always managing to get by. A novel of training and initiation to the underworld that won the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes.

THE BÉLIER FAMILY (2014) – by Éric Lartigau
Unlike the parents Rodolphe and Gigi, deaf and dumb from birth, the teenage daughter Paula is not only able to speak, but she realizes that she has a melodic voice and suitable for singing. The music teacher of the girl proposes her to participate in the admission tests for a prestigious choir in Paris, but the young woman is undecided about what to do.


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