Italy and Spain:
a research of the sense of contemporaneity

30 july – 13 september, 2015 / ATRI


Stills of Peace and Everyday Life – Edition II

Set up in the picturesque Crypte of the Atri Cathedral’s Museo Capitolare, Stills of Peace and Everyday Life, an exhibition curated by Antonio Zimarino and Marta Michelacci, presents the works of ten artists, five from Spain and five from Italy, dealing with the meaning of contemporary, by using different forms of expressions: painting, video art, sculpture, photography, site specific installations. Stills of Peace and Everyday Life explores the Spanish culture, which is maybe the culture that comes closest to the Italian one, and nevertheless still boasts strongly distinctive anthropological, artistic and historical elements. 

The experience acquired in the first edition of Stills of Peace has provided a tangible sign of how art can be a way to close the distance, a language that builds a connection, and that can replicate a microcosm of different points of view. Stills talks about life and constantly evolving social fabrics, and has led the Municipality of Atri, together with Tercas Foundation, to plan a second edition of the project.


Museo Capitolare (cripta della Cattedrale) – Atri

Exhibition Italy – Spain

Curated by Antonio Zimarino and Marta Michelacci

The exhibition investigates the emerging artistic experiences of Italy and Spain, featuring the works of ten artists both Spanigs and Italian, dealing with the sense of contemporaneity. Through painting, video art, sculpture, photography, site specific installations, Still explores the Spanish culture, which is maybe the closest to the Italian one, and nevertheless still boasts strongly distinctive anthropological, artistic and historical elements. Abruzzi cultural identity opens up to an intercultural discussion, combining different languages and encouraging the knowledge about Spain and its tradition. 

These artists’ works do not affirm but propose, do not declare but offer an art able to draw our sight and thought to different things, opening deep spaces in mind and heart as it is showed to our eyes. The specific task of the observer is to join micro and macrocosm in the dense network of correspondences created by the artists, to let the different paths guide our steps and to identify a code of reading that becomes alchemy of the image.

Featured artists: Soledad Córdoba; Ignacio Llamas; Olga Simón; Fernando Sordo; Anna Talens; Marco Appicciafuoco; Jacopo Casadei; Michele Giangrande; Valentina Perazzini; Gino Sabatini Odoardi.


Chiostro della Cattedrale – Atri

Cine España – Review of Spanish cinema

Movies screened in original version with Italian subtitles
Curated by Pino Bruni

EL CRITICO (2013) – by Hernán Guerschuny
Introduction by Simone Ciglia
A famous fancy film critic falls in love with a girl at first sight: he lives therefore a love story on his own skin, as to say romantic comedy: everything he has always abhorred in his reviews. The protagonist is the well-known playwright Rafael Spregelbud (El hombre de al lado).

ARRUGAS (2011) – by Ignacio Ferreras
Introduction by Alfredo Bruno
Awarded of many international prizes, taken from Paco Roca’s graphic novel of the same name, it is unanimously considered the most amazing and touching Spanish animated film of all time.

BARCELONA NIT D’ESTIU (2013) – first work by Dani de la Orden
Introduction by Marco Chiarini
Six stories, six different relationships, that during the same summer night find their zenith: love or disenchantment. Fresh and choral comedy about Barcelona: the city is an extra protagonist of the film.

Introduction by Giuliana Benassi
The new life of a young woman who wakes up from her coma. The professional and emotional certainties that she had before slowly fall apart. Great and award-winning performance by Nora Navas. Brilliant drama on easy appearances.

CARMINA O REVIENTA (2012) – by Paco León
Introduction by Piercesare Stagni
A comedy in the style of Almodovar, a bit documentary and a bit fiction, about Carmina, the director’s mother, an Andalusian matron capable of bending reality to her will. It’s a disruptive tornado.

TODAS LAS MUJERES (2013) – by Mariano Barroso
Introduction by Marco Chiarini
Best screenplay at Goya 2014, the film revolves around an amazing Eduard Fernández who uses the women of his life to solve a problem that would have a simple solution: telling the truth. Highly ironic plot. Authentic revelation of the year.


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