Yahon Chang - Impromptu

curated by Paolo De Grandis, Maria Rus Bojan, Francise Chang
Coordinator: Carlotta Scarpa,  PDG Arte Communications

16 July – 3 September 2017
Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva, Atri
Open all days 10am – 12.30pm, 5pm – 7.30pm, 9pm – 11pm

In 2005 Yahon Chang created a series of ink painting named Impromptus Form where he explored the tradition of calligraphy techniques with the concept and expression of Literati painting with a new gestural dimension.

This year Impromptu is a solo representation within the group exhibition Still of Peace at the Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva in Atri. For this solo exhibition Chang will develop and extend the calligraphy conception from his early series and experiment with the Western medium to amalgamate the East and the West. For this site-specific exhibition, Chang will reside in Atri for two weeks to create a new series of works that stems from this early conception of Impromptus Form and explore further into the state of subconscious and imbue it into a gestural painting manner.

“I have specific preference for wild cursive, running scripts and the ink-splashing techniques when it comes to ink-wash painting. I enjoy expressing the racing impulse of ideas that occur to me with rapid movement of brushwork. In the creation of this series, I painted wherever I was inspired. The brushes moved when and where my thoughts flew. Blended in the ink and brushwork was my consciousness. My heart danced with my hand as I found a delirium of joy.” ——Yahon Chang, 2005


Born in 1948, Yahon Chang lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. The early works of Yahon Chang always entails the visualisation of meditative monks or unknown figures that immerged from his meditation. His painting portraits a particular state of mind that draws viewer to its gaze and its stillness. He is best known for the Sentient Beings and Arhat Series, Chang’s figurative composition have a subversively nuance affiliation with the Chinese altar settling, as if it is the state of commemoration for the human being for the past, the present and the future. With artworks span across different medium that attempts to reinvigorate the Chinese ink painting practice, by imbuing elements of Literati tradition and Zenism, together with the freedom of expression from Fauvism and Expressionism. His painting explores between the state of being and the subconscious, that questioning the human existence, the social discrimination and spirituality. Chang’s expressive brushstrokes and audacious use of colour has defined him with a unique sense of visual style that is both captivating and liberating. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally. His artworks are included in private, corporate and museum collections worldwide, such as the MOCA Taipei, Shanghai Art Museum and Busan Museum of Art.