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by | Sep 1, 2019 | News

Iran and Italy: A search for the meaning of the contemporary

Stills of Peace and everyday Life‘, in its sixth edition, has opened its doors to Iran, a country with a millenary culture where the spiritual dimension is constantly intertwined in the architecture, in the imagination, in the landscape, in the traditions in the presence of the director of the Cultural Institute of Iran Gholi Akbar and the local authority The international project ‘Stills of Peace‘ was created to promote mutual knowledge between Italy and a country in the world through contemporary art and culture. For 2019 the Aria Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome thanks to the commitment of the partners, first of all the Municipality of Atri (Teramo), and its public and private supporters, has produced two exhibitions of contemporary art, a photography exhibition dedicated to the host country, a short film for the new section ‘Stills of Peace for Young’ and the Cine Iran review, dedicated to Iranian cinema in the original language with Italian subtitles.

Stills of peace” proposes a “search for the meaning of the contemporary”, tries to offer opportunities to understand and understand each other, to try to get to know cultures in depth through artistic expression, proposing a comparison that is not only aesthetic, but possibly capable to let the profound beauty of stories, environments, narratives that belong to the “other” be grasped. The ‘Maratona del Contemporaneo‘ (MA.CO.) will be held from 6 to 8 July in the Acquaviva Palace in Atri, while the ‘Countries and landscapes of wool‘ event will be hosted from 14 July in the Roccascalegna Castle (Chieti.

Iranian artists Navid Azimi Sajadi, Mona Mohagheghi, Samin Kamal Beik and Zoya Shokoohi, are present with their works