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Stills of Peace and Everyday Life

Italia e Iran:
Una ricerca del senso del Contemporaneo

Stills of Peace and Everyday Life, giunto ormai al suo sesto anno, apre le porte all’Iran, un paese misterioso e ricco di fascino, con una cultura millenaria di grande raffinatezza estetica ed intellettuale, dove la dimensione spirituale si intreccia costantemente nelle architetture, nell’immaginario, nel paesaggio, nelle tradizioni millenarie in cui affonda la sua storia.

Stills propone, come recita il suo sottotitolo, una “ricerca del senso del contemporaneo”, cerca di offrire delle occasioni per capire e per capirsi, per tentare di conoscere in profondità le culture attraverso l’espressione artistica. Cerca di farlo proponendo un confronto non solo di tipo estetico, ma possibilmente capace di far cogliere la bellezza profonda delle storie, degli ambienti, delle narrazioni che appartengono all’altro.

Arte contemporanea, incontri, conferenze, cinema, fotografia e progetti collaterali che hanno lo scopo di aiutare il pubblico (anche i più giovani, attraverso lo specifico progetto “Stills of Peace for Young”) a trovare attraverso l’arte e la creatività i modi per realizzare un dialogo profondo con ciò che riteniamo spesso erroneamente, lontano da noi.

Programma VI Edizione 2019

Ma.Co. / Marathon of the Contemporary

6 – 7 e 8 July, 2019 – Atri

6 July 6.30pm | Atri (TE)

6.30pm Cortile di Palazzo Acquaviva
Opening 6th Stills of Peace Edition – Italy and Iran

7.30pm Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva
Transfiguration Mode | Navid Azimi Sajadi and Enrico Tealdi
curated by Antonio Zimarino and Mariano Cipollini

Are You Protected? | Mona Mohagheghi, Samin Kamal Beik e Zoya Shokoohi
curated by Eva Comuzzi

Performance Samin Kamal Beik e Zoya Shokoohi

8.30pm Museo Archeologico
Iran | Mauro Vitale
curated by Maryam Mavaddat


7 July 7pm | Atri (TE)

7pm Scuderie e Cortile di Palazzo Acquaviva
Guided tour for Transfiguration Mode and Are You Protected?

Presentation Stills of Peace for Young | Un nuovo giorno
by Dino Viani

Presentation ANIMA Food & Photography
with Mania Mehrabi

9pm Tosto Bistrot, Atri (TE)
Cibo e Riti: memorie persiane
| photo by Anamaria Draghici


8 July 8.45pm | Atri (TE)

8.45pm Cortile di Palazzo Acquaviva
Stills of Peace for Young | Un nuovo giorno
by Dino Viani

Inauguration Rassegna Cine Iran
curated by Pino Bruni

Film Dov’è la casa del mio amico?
by Abbas Kiarostami

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Transfiguration Mode / Navid Azimi Sajadi ed Enrico Tealdi

6 July – 1 September, 2019
Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)

Curated by Antonio Zimarino and Mariano Cipollini
Open: everyday 10am – 12.30am / 6pm – 10.30pm


In the exhibition the ways, the forms, the dreams, the transformations, the intimate visions, the memory, the nostalgia, the tensions and the intellect of two of the most significant and interesting artists of the new Italian and international art meet and intersect. Two different worlds, two different cultures in search of poetry and meaning. It is the differences of stories, forms and expressive modalities that give us the opportunity to understand the specificities and identities: a comparison, therefore, poetic and enlightening to make us understand the profound humanity that unites beyond the difference.


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Are You Protected? / Mona Mohagheghi, Samin Kamal Beik and Zoya Shokoohi

6 July – 1 September, 2019
Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)

Curated by Eva Comuzzi
Open: everyday 10am – 12.30am / 6pm – 10.30pm



The title of this exhibition arises not only from a state of obvious abandonment in which our country and the entire planet are affected, but also because of the interest in analyzing the obsession and fear that increasingly emerge, especially in the places where there is more well-being, regarding our safety and that go to raise our protective barriers, armouring us and making us impenetrable even to emotions. To address this issue, through different media, three Iranian artists born at the beginning and end of the Eighties were chosen: Samin Kamal Beik, Mona Mohagheghi and Zoya Shokoohi.


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Iran – Mauro Vitale

6 July – 1 September, 2019
Museo Archeologico / Atri (TE)

Curated by Maryam Mavaddat
Open: everyday 10am – 12.30am / 6pm – 10.30pm



Mauro Vitale is a photographer who places man at the center of his eyes and this look makes him see it for what it is, for what we are, without ideological superstructures, without special effects. Iran is the sensitive and direct imprint of a journey in a country rich in history and beauty where humanity preserves in its eyes an archaic and authentic light that photography highlights and enhances. Faces, places become mirrors of a life in which every man can recognize himself and find himself, despite the differences. With his eyes and care the author predisposes us to understanding and opens us to wonder.


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Ph. Mauro Vitale

Stills of Peace for Young – “Un nuovo giorno”

8, 22, 29 July – 5 August – 1 settembre, 2019
Cortile di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)

By Dino Viani
Open 8.45pm



Cinema as a group therapy to foster interpersonal relationships among adolescents. Today’s young students struggle to interact and communicate, and often come to the end of their schooling without having learned about each other. The cinematographic medium can provide them with the possibility of looking at each other, expressing that seemingly dormant self that was waiting for nothing else to be stimulated, provoked, by putting itself on stage: fears, expectations, dreams. “A new day” is not only the title of the project, but also the hope of living life and human relationships with less fears and without prejudice.


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Cine Iran

8, 22, 29 July – 5 August – 1 September, 2019
Cortile di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)

Curated by Pino Bruni
Open 9pm



This review of Iranian cinema has a particularly retro cut since it focuses substantially and largely on what is the best and most flourishing season of cinema in the country, between the nineties and the first years of Zero, with the birth of talents that will give luster to the Iranian cinema that will end up being considered, for a certain period, among the best in the world and among the most awarded at various festivals.


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Countries, Landscapes & Wool – Lucilla Candeloro e Jenny Charlotta Wood

14 July –  3 November, 2019
Castello di Roccascalegna / Roccascalegna (CH)

Curated by Klas Barthelsson and Antonio Zimarino
Exhibitions, meetings and conferences on Italy, Iran and Scotland – Opening 14 july 6:30pm
Open 10am – 1pm / 3pm – 7pm – Ticket €3 – reduced €2 – feee entry Card Soci Aria


Abruzzo has distinguished itself in the production of wool for many centuries, especially between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries; the same can be said of Iran, but also of Scotland in the United Kingdom. “Countries, Landscapes & Wool” proposes a moment of reflection on the art and culture of these countries with respect to the production and processing of wool, but also of historical processing for traditional fabrics: Persian rugs, Scottish fabrics, fabrics and blankets from Abruzzo ( the tarantulas.) The gaze of the two artists, Lucilla Candeloro and Jenny Charlotta Wood, focuses on landscapes that were once shaped by the constant agricultural and pastoral activity that gave a strong identity to the populations.


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Ideation and organization:

Curated by:

Fondazione Aria

With the collaboration of:

Collaborazioni 2019

With the High Patronage of the Abruzzo Region and of:

Patrocinio 2019

Sponsored by:

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