Studio romano di Alberto Di Fabio - Febbraio 2010

Alberto Di Fabio

curated by Antonio Zimarino

7 July– 2 September 2018
Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva, Atri
Open: everyday – 12.30am, 6pm – 10pm
Di Fabio’s painting imposes a visual challenge that fascinates and impresses, asks the observer much more than simple and emotional perceptions: it requires in reality what all the art really “speculative” and deep asks those who come across it . A pulsating material emerges from the works of Di Fabio and evokes the continuous reference between microcellular perfections and macrocosmic harmonies, between microstructures and macrosystems that seem to respond, all, to similar universal laws.


Alberto Di Fabio He was born in Avezzano (AQ) in 1966. Following in the footsteps of his father, Pasquale Di Fabio (1927-1998) and of Mother Delia, a natural science teacher, Alberto moved towards creative practice. It draws inspiration from the cosmos and from the elements that make up the world of nature. His painting investigates chemical reactions, mineral fusions, atoms, DNA, the neuronal system, magnifying them as under a microscope. These often geometric shapes revolve and vibrate on his canvases in bright and pure colors, creating contrasts and harmonic scales, tonal variations and surprising combinations that involve the viewer in extra-sensory kinetic visions.