Luciano D'Angelo

curated by Sandra Fiore

7 July– 2 September 2018
Museo Archeologico, Atri
Open: everyday – 12.30am, 6pm – 10pm
The photographic journey proposed by Luciano D’angelo represents a moment of reflection on the common history that has crossed the Mediterranean, a crossroads of peoples. In this sense, the exhibition offers the opportunity to return to the theme of ethnic identity and necessity. The Imazighen who inhabit the Atlas Mountains, freezing in winter and burnt in the summer, have fascinated Luciano D’angelo, author of the photo exhibition: ‘Amazigh: Berbers of Morocco’. In his many travels in this country he has set in extraordinary shots the daily life of the characteristic villages that appear firm in time, in an ancestral dimension.


Luciano D’Angelo, born in Pescara, where he lives, works in reportage and travel photography for Italian and foreign publishers. He collaborates with the major Italian and foreign newspapers, with cultural services and trips like: Touring Club Italiano; Mondadori (Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa, In Viaggio); National Geographic Italia; Condè Nast, Rizzoli RCS; Einaudi. He is the author of numerous photographic books, including: “Finestre del cielo” Alberti Edizioni 1990 / “Abruzzo, l’avventura del paesaggio” Menabò Ed. 1994 / “Val D’Agri” ENI ed. 1996 / “Abruzzo” Editalia 1999 / “Tirino, la memoria del fiume” Menabò Ed. 2002 / “Riflessioni” LD Editore 2003 / “L’oro del bosco” LD Editore 2004 / “Il legno e la pietra” LD Editore 2006 / “In Abruzzo” De Siena Editore 2011 / “I Fenici in Algeria” BraDypUS Editore Bologna 2011 / “Zafferano-Zaafran” LD Editore 2013 / “Terre di Santi e guerrieri” LD editore 2014 / “La basilica di Santa Maria del Colle” Ed. Menabò 2015 / “ Ne Zaboravi Srebrenica” LD Editore 2015 /  “Algeria Anima Mediterranea” LD editore 2017. He is currently working on an anthropological project on Abruzzo that will be published soon. For the publisher DAN: “India” 1998, Ecuador e Galapagos” 1997, “Turchia” 1996, “Brasile” 1995, “Islanda” 1994, “Australia” 1992, “Patagonia” 1990.