30 July 2017

Ore 6.30pm - 8.30pm / Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva

6.30 pm / Cloister of Atri Cathedral

Focus on UNESCO activities and presentation of the UNESCO Heritage Guide in Italy and China


Maria Paola Azzario, President of the Italian Federation of Clubs and Centers for UNESCO (FICLU)
Alessandro Di Loreto, President of Aria Foundation
Gilberto Candeloro, Anxxa owner, Stills of Peace Sponsor
Representatives of FICLU in Abruzzo

The actions of UNESCO centers, just like those of Stills of Peace, have always been aimed at meeting the different communities and cultures in the area to foster, through knowledge, their inclusion, in full respect of mutual rights, to establish an Intercultural dialogue based on cooperation. The Guidebook is aimed at making Italy and China known through the sites that have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The book intends to bring two cultures of ancient traditions that have gone through a rapid intensification of political and economic relations.

8.30pm / 11pm Museo Capitolare di Atri

The Dongba Culture. From Naxi’s Writing to Contemporary Art by Zhang Chun He
curated by Filippo Lanci, Astrid Narguet and Lucilla Stefoni
August 2nd and 3rd 2017

Ore 18:30 / 20:30 Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva

2nd August at 9.00 pm and 3rd August at 7.00 pm / Municipal Theater of Atri

The Foundation Dell’Orefice the creation of a new masterclass for young Opera artists. A version of the “Wedding of Figaro” will be presented in the form of semi-training in which the Chinese students and the students of the singing class of the Conservatory of Naples, under the guidance of teachers like Norma Fantini, Maurizio Colasanti, Carmine Monaco, Manuela Di Pietro, Alba Riccioni, will alternate in the unforgettable roles of this wonderful Opera! In the final evening of August 3rd, after the show, Dell’Orefice prizes will be awarded. Dell’Orefice was a composer from Abruzzo who was very famous in the second half of the nineteenth century.