Italia e Spagna: una ricerca del senso del Contemporaneo

Cultural dialogue between Italy and Spain, the summer of Atri dedicated to Claudio Acquaviva d’Aragone. After the homage to Pakistan, this year we celebrate Spain in Atri, to honor the sixteenth-century anniversary from the death of the famous Claudio Acquaviva, with the project STILLS OF PEACE and Everyday Life, promoted by the municipal district together with TERCAS Foundation, EXIT MEDIA and Cine Espaсol Festival. A contemporary art exhibition, a film festival named CineEspaсa and a series of meetings about literature, poetry and music will cheer the Museo Capitolare, the Cathedral Cloister and the beautiful city theatre from the 30th July to the 14th September.

To open Abruzzo culture to intercultural dialogue through different languages and through the knowledge other expression codes and historical identities is the aim of Stills of Peace and Everyday Life cultural project that, creating actual occasions for the meeting of the cultural traditions of the World, in the second edition will investigate up-and-coming art experiences from Italy and Spain. Mounted in the evocative Museo Capitolare Crypt inside Atri Cathedral, the exhibition STILLS OF PEACE and Everyday Life, supervised by Antonio Zimarino and Marta Michelacci, presents the works of ten artists, five from Spain and five from Italy, dealing with the meaning of contemporary using different forms of expressions: painting, video art, sculpture, photography, site specific installations.”Stills of Peace and Everyday Life – Second edition” will explore the Spanish culture, maybe the most connected with the Italian one, yet recognizable by anthropological, artistic and historical elements.

The experience matured with the first edition of Stills of Peace has been a visible sign of how art can be a way to cut differences, a language that unifies, able to recreate a microcosm of different points of view talking about reality and social connections in evolution. It has given the occasion to Atri city, together with Tercas Foundation, to plan a second edition of the project.

Promoting and making people know territory cultural outstanding features, with the intention of protecting cultural identities and promoting peace processes, is possible only with a deep mutual understanding. The STILLS OF PEACE project rely on this argument: it engages international artists in exhibition activities, and also involves in meetings, discussions, conferences some exponents of institutional and academy world, as professor Paola Elia, teaching Spanish Literature and Philology at L’Aquila University, and Spain Honorary Consul for Abruzzo and Molise.

As for the CineEspaсa film festival, thanks to the cooperation with Exit Media and Cine Espaсol festival, there will be well known and up-and-coming artists, presented by film critics and specialists of Spanish film history; the film festival will take place every Monday, from the 10th August to the 14th September; the screenings will take place at the Cathedral Cloister at 21:00 with free entry.


Italy and Spain:

a search for the meaning of the contemporary

30 July – 13 September, 2015
Museo Capitolare / Cripta della Cattedrale / Atri (TE)

Exhibition curated by Antonio Zimarino and Marta Michelacci
Orari: 10pm – 12pm / 3.30pm – 7pm / 9pm – 11pm

Artists: Soledad Córdoba / Ignacio Llamas / Olga Simón / Fernando Sordo / Anna Talens / Marco Appicciafuoco / Jacopo Casadei / Michele Giangrande / Valentina Perazzini / Gino Sabatini Odoardi /

Curatela Mostra Artists Biographies


Cinema Festival
on Monday fomr August 10th to September 7th and Sunday 13rd September 2015

Chiostro della Cattedrale / Atri (TE)





Curated by:

Comune di Atri

In collaboration with:

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio della Provincia di Teramo
Exit Media
Festival del Cine Espagnol

With the patronage of:

Consiglio Regionale
Società Dante Alighieri
Consulado de Espana en L’Aquila
Real Academia de Espana en Roma
Instituto Cervantes

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